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A Healthier Life Starts Here...

 Homeopathy. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. Master Herbalist. Acupressure. Environmental and Food Allergies. Nutrition and Health Coach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Parapsychology. Past Life Regression. Dream Analysis, Tropical Diseases and more Therapies available.

Registered Member of the IICT and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapies.
  • Alt 10 8 Health

About Bronwyn.

Combined Complementary  Natural Therapies  Health Specialist




Possessing a  passion for life, Bronwyn has embarked on a journey to enrich her knowledge, learning about the abundant healing properties contained in Herbs, Plants, Food sources and Mineral salts.   Through the healing transformation of  individual lives, Bronwyn has the ability to guide people to find and achieve a better State of Health and a better state of Mind.

An Accredited Practitioner of many Complimentary Therapies enables Bronwyn to optimize the treatments she prescribes for her clients. 

Recently receiving her Doctoral in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology.

Lets get started
Why Try Natural Therapies?

Why  Natural Therapies?

The birth of medicine started with plants, 

Millions of years in the making...….

Pain Management

Alleviating debilitating pain.

Chronic pain.

Sprains and bruising.


Increase your Energy Naturally,

the Alt-10-8 Health way.


Is your body poisoned?

Detox and remove harmful heavy metals. 

Retrain your Brain.

Why are your thoughts as they are? 

Are they stopping you achieving things you want in your life?



Heal through HYPNOTHERAPY!


Environmental, food and skin allergies.

Non-steroidal treatment.


Stress and Anxiety.

De-stress to remove 


Teaching tools to assist in de-stressing.



My weight was ballooning.
I had little energy to get through my day.
I was unwell and on my way to potential diabetes.
A sever pain in my chest made me realise I had to do something about my health. Bronwyn showed me a better way to eat and get the most nutrition out of my meals, easy exercising that I could manage to do, anytime.
I am so grateful that Bronwyn has given me better health tools to have a better life.   C.J.M


Natural Medicine
Qualified & Professional Staff   to assist you.
Painted Heart
Consultations where caring about you matters.
Homeopathic and Herbal medications prescribed.

Your Good Health Starts Here.....
Consultations: Face to Face, Web Cam or Phone. 

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0421 105513. 

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