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Sick of being Sick!

Being human, as I am, I have throughout my life, fallen ill. Off to the Doctors for some prescriptive medicine and some supportive comments about what I had wrong with me.

Sometimes the Doctors orders did not always rectify my illness.

Back to the Doctors I went, for another consultation, possible off to a Specialist, another prescription for another form of drug, with fingers crossed, followed the instructions again.

From the removal of my tonsils, appendix & ovarian cysts to the reoccurring forms of dermatitis and a few other skin conditions, like warts, I tried every lotion and potion imaginable to eradicate the irritating pleasantries.

Normal child hood illnesses with 2 episodes of Chickenpox.

These things we take as being normal.

However, after the arrival of 2 vaginal delivered babies, the shock of the next 3, all requiring C section delivered premature babies, falling pregnant was never a problem, keeping the babies in full time was.

My health deteriorated, not from the children, bless them, but from general ignorance about my diet being partially the contributor to poor health, creating a time bomb inside my body which was about to explode without any warning.

I was initially diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia, to be receive injections of B12 into my arm or leg every 3 to 4 weeks, for the rest of my life, but that wasn't the worst of it.... During this treatment I began to have pain increase through my body and was advised to take some fluid retention medication.

After taking some of the prescribed tablets, my health rapidly began to decline. I was fatigued and it would be only a few days later, took myself to the public hospital with horrendous abdominal cramping that was so severe it, took my breath away.

I was put through the usual diagnostic channels. Costly scans and radiated X-rays along numerous pain management injections. I was dumbfounded with disbelief that the final diagnosis, according to the Doctor in charge of the ward was, " you have wind, nothing more and I believe you are a drug addict."

I was sent home.

The pain did not subside and 2 days later, I was being rushed in an ambulance , this time to a Private hospital, where the Doctor diagnosed what I had actually suffered from was 2 ruptured stomach ulcers that were bleeding into my stomach. This is a fatal condition if left untreated.

That was the final straw for me, having been discarded by the first Doctor, alarmingly his arrogance may have been the end of my life.

It would be the first Doctors' total disrespect for my life, that would ignite a fire inside of me and start me on my journey, to never be in that position ever again and to really get well again.......only this time it would be something I would have control over the choices.... turning to healing myself NATURALLY, and in doing so found answers were still unanswered.

I have since studied many various forms of alternative therapies, medicinal and therapeutic, so YOU never have to travel along the medical maze that nearly cost me my life.

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